Monday, 31 October 2016

Cuztomized Greeting Cards

              Do you want to wish someone on their birthday?? Do you want to express your feelings to them?? Send a Greeting Card to them. This is the best way you could show your love and affection  to them. Everyone loves to receive a Birthday Card, no matter what their age is. Age is just a number in this case.  Send your own personalized greeting, wrapped in a high quality envelope. When you aren’t crafting something special for family and friends, why not send out a greeting to them.



             Greeting cards are easy to create a personalized message for your family, friends or customers. Make your own Christmas card or holiday greetings, create thank you cards to suit your style or design your own promotional greeting cards for business.

           Keep that personal touch with custom greeting cards from St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. Printing greeting cards are great for sending to family and friends. Let them knowhow much they mean to you.  

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Print is Something More Than You Think!!!

                      Print is the most powerful tool to digital marketing which can attract customers to your store. Now are you thinking about the ways to attract people to your store using print?? Don't worry about it, you can do it very easily .Printing is one of less expensive and yet high potential way to reach people. 

  • Use Storefront Signs to attract people to your shop. More Attractive the board is more the people get attracted.
  • Use flyers to reach more people. Design your flyers in such a way that people wants to use your service. Deliver flyers to people in different locations, keep them in letter box or attach them in newspapers and give it to people.
  • Use brochures to let people know about your existence and give a brief description about your services. For example, if you opened a cafeteria and wanted to let know people about your shop just make some brochures and and give it to people .
  • Use banners for publicity. More Publicity more customers.
  • Use Business cards to let people know about you. Business cards are something which you keep it safe for future use.

                       But before doing all this the main task is to find a printing company which is affordable, trustworthy, gives you the best design and high quality prints. Attracting people is not an easy task, only experts can do it in the right way. You can trust St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. as we have years of experience in this field. Our designers are well trained and experienced enough to meet all your printing needs. Just hop in and experience yourself.For more information about the services which we provide just visit our website at . You can contact us at 718-528-5100 or mail us at

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How Can a Flyer Help You in Your Business ??

                        In this highly competitive industry marketing is a necessary tool for promoting your business. Through  marketing you can increase the awareness of your product. As the days pass by business owners are innovating new techniques for branding their products.  They use a combination of traditional as well as new age techniques to create an awareness of their brands among the people.
                        Flyers are a form of paper advertisement which is  intended for distribution in public. It can be distributed in public pace or posted or sent through email. They are traditional form of outdoor marketing which are still used for brand awareness by many popular companies.
                        Flyers are commonly known as handbills, its generally an A4 size paper and mostly used for marketing in a small region. Flyers are considered to be the cost effective way for promoting your business to large customer base.
                        Flyers must be designed in an eye catching manner to get the attention of the audience. Since flyers are intended for passing information to people they are made simple with large fonts and few words. They must be designed in a way that consumers must be attracted to the product or service you are promoting.
                                   At St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. we provide with the best flyer designing service keeping every requirements in mind. We assure with attractive and unique design.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How Does Logo Help in Branding Your Business??

It is really important to have a Logo if you own a business, as your logo gives identity to your business. It is through your logo you get recognized. Logo is important to business as your face is important to you. As your face reflects your personality, Logo reflects your business identity.
                    Logo is one of the powerful marketing tool. Without a logo it is really difficult to establish in the marketing world. Logo is something like a mental shortcut to a product or company. How often do you think people recognize car by its make?? Mostly people identify a car by seeing its logo. Its not just the case of a car, take the case of a shoes. We usually recognize a shoes brand by its logo.
                  Just having a logo is not enough. A badly designed logo can ruin all your company's image. You must have a logo which is attractive and eye-catching. It should speak to people about the worth of your product.
                 There are many things to keep in mind while designing a logo, here is some :
  •          Keep it simple as simple designs are easy to me memorized.
  •          Be unique, don't copy the popular designing trends.
  •          Color do matter as each color has its own meaning. So select color accordingly.
  •          Have a story for your logo. Your logo should have a specific meaning.

                  At St.Albans Digital Printing we design logo by keeping every requirements in mind. We assure you with unique and outstanding logo. For more information call us at  718-528-5100 or mail us at our website at :

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Did You Know That Digital Marketing is Missing Something??

       As we all know Digital Marketing is the fastest growing way of marketing, but there is something that smart marketers are obsessed with: PRINT. According to Millward Brown ( An American Multinational market research firm) print ads are much more better than TV and online ads at increasing market of a product and brand favorability. They came to a conclusion like this after effective study on about 100 ads.

           Here are some reasons why print advertising is worthy:

·         Print ads drive higher awareness than recall:
                   A lots of research has been done and came to a conclusion that people recall what they see on paper faster than what they see online.
·         Print increases ad effectiveness across platforms:
                 The combination of both print and online ads will give a boost in recalling your brand by people.
·         Publishers guarantee that print ads generate increased brand sales and positive ROI

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