Friday, 8 December 2017

Get Your Bookmarks Now at Affordable Price

Bookmarks are a creative way to connect with customers because they'll see your logo and contact information every day. A custom bookmark also makes a great promotional item for trade show giveaways, book signings, and company networking events.

St Albans Digital Printing Inc are the leaders in High Quality Printing in Queens, New York. With our digital printing we can print Bookmarks faster and more economically on short runs and incorporate variable data printing and personalized printing into any job.

Custom bookmarks are relatively inexpensive, useful, and are handy tools for just about anyone. Bookmarks are a popular choice among those that love to read books but they are also an excellent option for companies that want to leave a big impression. Because we're Bookmarks printing experts. With over a decade in Bookmarks printing, we are experience in both in-house corporate printing as well as being a digital and offset printing services provider.

At St Albans Digital Printing Inc., We Are Committed to Provide:

• Top quality of Bookmarks printing, simple or customized
• Fast turnaround - most jobs completed within 24-48 hours
• Best customer experience - we are always here for you.

If you need help ordering or designing your custom bookmarks, please call us at 718-528-5100

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No matter how big or small your Bookmarks project is, St Albans Digital Printing Inc. can handle all your printing and copying needs and much more.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Full Color Calendar Printing Services in New York

St. Albans Digital Printing offers the best calendar printing services available in Queens, New York. We know how hard it is to run a business and will do everything in our power to gain your business. Top quality printing and great customer service is what we are well know for.

A full color customized calendar is a useful promotional item that your customers and clients will appreciate. A printed calendar with a beautiful design creates eye-catching brand awareness and is a daily reminder of your products and services. Calendars are promotional materials that people actually want and need. And best of all? Your message will be viewed again and again.

At St. Albans Digital Printing combine high quality papers and inks with state-of-the-art full color printing processes. The result is that your custom calendar will have the high-end look and feel it deserves at a price that works within your budget.

We regularly produce custom calendars for charities, corporate give-aways, fundraisers for schools and non-profits, even as stocking stuffers for the holidays.

For more information visit our website at ,or please call us today at 718-528-5100 for a free estimate your printing needs for calendar. We will work with you to understand the nature of your request and provide an estimate within 1 business day.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Obituary Booklet Printing in New York

The Obituary Booklet is basically just a printed document which highlights the chief points in the memorial or funeral service. It also sums up the life achievements of the departed. These booklets can be in different designs, layouts and sizes.

When a loved one passes away, it is an extremely trying time. You have lots of things to think of and arrange for. And in all this, to plan a funeral, the service, and the program can be quite a time taking. Similarly, designing the funeral booklet can be expensive and sometimes time intensive too.

St. Albans Digital Printing’s flipping book is an example of a lovely obituary program booklet tells you how to create a booklet for obituary and memorial or celebration of life services.

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 1

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 2

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 3

It folds down the middle and thus called a booklet. You could also work with the church or the funeral home to create the material that should come in the booklet. It would be a lovely keepsake in the name of the departed.

When you need low-cost, high quality obituary printing, let us know: we're easy to deal with and you can reach a live person at (718) 528-5100 to help with your obituary booklet printing needs.

Friday, 14 July 2017

e- Journal Printing in New York

Impress your audience with high quality e-Journal from St Albans Digital Printing Inc.

e-Journal is an online interactive format for presenting traditional print document journals – in web and on variety of mobile devices. This format makes digital issues resemble paper ones and helps drive more attention and engagement to the content. e-Journal is a huge trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. As more and more clients want to give their readers a digital version of the journal.

Unlike the traditional journal, the looks of St. Albans e-Journal or digital journal can tell much more about it than its actual content. Flipping the pages automatically, expressing the content vividly and delighting your readers with an excellent reading experience – these are only a few things that you can do with St. Albans e-Journal.

St Albans Digital Printing is the perfect solution for average size digital publishers and clients who would like to equip their print journal with digital versions. Get trusted solution and impress your audience with quality digital publishing.

Browse through some of our customers’ journals to get some inspiration and see how businesses are using interactive elements and engaging their audience.

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Phone: 718-528-5100

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Custom Prayer Cards Printing in New York

Prayer cards are the perfect keepsake to distribute during funeral wakes or visitations, memorial services and church services. Also, it is a beautiful and fitting keepsakes for people to remember loved-ones and keep them close at all times

St. Albans Digital Printing offers an extensive array of prayer cards, some of our prayer card printing services include:

Memorial cards
Holy day cards
Passage cards
Missionary prayer cards
Funeral prayer cards
And more at the lowest price available!

We offer an extensive selection of prayer cards with religious, patriotic, scenic and floral themes, as well as prayer card designs available exclusively through St. Albans Digital Printing. The combination of your ideas and our design creativity should give you the flexibility for a  truly great prayer card.

Working with us is a simple, straight-forward process that takes the stress out of developing your card. Once you select a prayer card size, all we need is your photo, content, where you’re serving, and what you’re doing and we handle the rest.

Choose affecting phrases, quotes, photos, and graphics to adorn your prayer cards, and customized them to fit the needs, beliefs and wishes of your organization or prayer group. Trust St. Albans Digital Printing to turn your prayer cards into valued keepsakes.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Make Your Wedding Invitation an Awesome One!!!!

                   Marriage is the intimate union of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image.
                   It’s the dream of every girl to make their wedding day an awesome one. Same way it's important to make the wedding invitation unique and awesome. Your wedding invitation is your guests' first peek into your wedding day, so you want to make it shine. The invitation is the centerpiece of your wedding stationery, the invitation reflects the tone of your wedding. Not sure where to begin? We've got everything you need to know about this important piece of your stationery right here.
                          At St.Albans Digital printing, we will help you print your wedding cards in a unique way at a low cost. You can select it from different samples which we have or you can just give us your ideas of how it should be we will do it for you.

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Phone: 718-528-5100,718-528-6363

Friday, 10 February 2017

Best Photo Restoration Services in New York

St. Albans Digital Printing Photo Restorations are the perfect way to save your damaged and fading photos. We have restored hundreds and hundreds of photographs, and we can repair almost any kind of damage. We can accept them by mail or another carrier if you cannot bring them in yourself.

How the process work out?
  1. We take your precious memories of photos and slides and scan and convert them to digital files on CD.
  2. This will preserve them for years to come as a digital file. In fact we increase their pixel rate so that it enhances the photos & slides to better then new many times.
  3. Our collection service processing allows you to print your Photos & Slides to a larger size then the original file. Making the small pictures suitable for framing as prints.​
  4. ​Our Photo slide service includes color correction and repair of tears etc. through the use of computer software. We are experts in Photo repair.
  5. We use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Light-room 4, and extremely fast computers to allow the best re-creation and correction of your precious memories.

Some of the services we offer:
  • Background Removal
  • Lighting/Color Corrections
  • Wrinkle and Blemish Removal
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Resize/Crop Image

Our experts will professionally restore or edit the photo of your loved one for their funeral program design. We also provide with other types of printing like banner printingbrochure printingflyers printingwedding invitation printingraffle book printingticket printingjournals printingobituary printinglogo designingnotepads printingposters printing, etc.

Please feel free to Contact Us @ 718-528-5100 or visit our website, if you have any questions.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Use Greeting Cards to Wish Your Loved Ones


                   Greeting Cards are traditional ways of wishing your loved ones on their special occasions. Whether it be birthday function or wedding anniversary greeting cards are the best choice for wishing. This is the best way to show your concern towards them.
                   Greeting cards are easy to create a personalized message for your family, friends or customers. Make your own Christmas card or holiday greetings, create thank you cards to suit your style or design your own promotional greeting cards for business.
                   In St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. we print the best greeting cards according to your wish. Just give us your idea about how your greeting card should be and we will get that work done for you within no time and at less cost. Printing greeting cards are great for sending to family and friends. Let them know how much they mean to you. 
                   We also provide with other types of printing like banner printing, brochure printing, flyers printing, wedding invitation printing, raffle book printing, ticket printing, journals printing, obituary printing, logo designing, notepads printing, posters printing, etc.
                   For more information visit our website at , you can call us at 718-528-5100. You can also mail us at