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Obituary Printing & Funeral Programs in New York

St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. has more than 48 years of printing experience matched with a track record of friendly service. Along with experience comes quality, and St.Albans Digital Printing with decades of printing expertise brings exceptional service and know-how to the forefront of the printing industry.

St.Albans Digital Printing specialize in designing and printing customized funeral programs to honor the life of your loved ones. We understand the pain of losing a loved one, and we want you to know that we offer comfort in your time of need with a custom design and fitting tribute of the departed.

Losing a loved one is perhaps one of the most difficult events you will ever have to withstand. St.Albans Digital Printing understands how important it is to preserve the memories of your loved one and share them with others.

For more than 48 years, our Obituary Printing and Design service has worked for thousands to keep memories alive. The obituary service creates keepsakes for famil…

Digital Event Journals in New York

Digital Event Journals or Virtual Ad Journals to be the next big digital fundraising tool accepted by nonprofits for gala events.

Think of the event journal that is created for your event, maybe you call it a Tribute Book. It’s the book that is put together to share the agenda for the event, bios of all the speakers and honorees, information about the host organization and advertisements from the sponsors. Typically the ads are sold at different price points depending on the sponsorship level. Leading sponsors will get a full-page ad in color, while smaller sponsors may purchase a quarter-page ad in black & white.
In order for your guests to access the digital journals at your event, we provide tablets which are set up on the tables. Typically, we display 3 tablets per table. We upload the journal onto the tablets, transport the tablets to the event and provide set up and clean up.

Now imagine you can have your digital event journal live online, eliminating the cost of printing altog…

Cheap Custom Button Printing in New York

Custom buttons make a great marketing tool as they are referred to as walking billboards. Once they are pinned to t-shirt, jackets or travel bag they can travel anywhere! A colorful button design with catchy slogan is a great way to capture people’s attention and spread awareness about your brand.

Custom buttons and button magnets are also a cost effective method to use to promote your business. They become cheaper with the frequency with which you buy these custom buttons. The more you buy them the cheaper they become.

Custom buttons are great handouts at events or exhibition. If you have a booth at a exhibition you are probably just one booth among thousands! Custom buttons are a great handout at exhibitions because as attendees move around the exhibition floor your company is being advertised where ever they go!

Other than custom buttons, we also create funeral buttons to keep your loved one close to the heart. These buttons are in inexpensive keepsake for family and friends at memori…

Best Tablet Rental Service Provider in New york

St.Albans Digital Printing Inc. is one of the best tablet rental provider in Queens, New York for conferences and gala events nationwide. We have the largest inventory in the industry, including the newest Tablet with 3G/4G/LTE. Tablets are the perfect tool for any events! There’s no better way to present your company – than to do it with a tablet from St.Albans Digital Printing. That must be the reason why hundreds of companies are looking at our tablet rentals as an absolute must-have for their events and shows.

With simple touch screen interfaces, Tablet make perfect kiosks. Tablet kiosks are great for gala events, trade shows and conferences, where there is a need for self-service technology. Instead of a computer based kiosk, Tablet kiosks are more affordable and easier to set up. Tablet kiosk enclosures securely encase the Tablet to enable public use without fear of theft or damage. Most of these cases are made of metal, and require a key to open them. The Tablet kiosks we rent a…

Tablets Bring Digital Event Journal Back to the Table

Have you ever think of taking your event journal digital, but deal with push-back from sponsors who insist the journal belongs ON the table? Well, here is the solution. Your e-journal can be showcased in elegant table top tablets displays for easy viewing from every seat!

Tablets can be synced to play in harmony for a theatrical cheer factor, guests simply watch the e-journal “pages” turn. For a more casual event, tablets can be set to interactive mode, allowing guests to flip through ads and take selfies to post to social media, complete with your event hashtag. The display frames can be customized with thematic artwork or with the logo of a major sponsor for an extra level of appreciation.

Tablets can be used in conjunction with or in place of large presentation screens. Now, with St. Albans Digital Printing Inc., the choice is yours. If you would like to learn more about this elegant event technology.

Our Graphic designers & other staffs will work with you to design a e-journal th…

Get Your Raffle Tickets Now!!!!!

Here at St.Albans Digital Printing, we provide with a wide range of raffle tickets templates. Our team will with you to provide the raffle tickets that meets your requirements. We provide with individual raffle books or raffle books in mass collections. If you are planning for a local village fair or if you are running a stall for something, where would the world be if there are no raffle tickets? Whatever the occasion be, we are here to help you!!!!

Raffle books are the easiest and the fastest way in fund raising to increase your profit. Raffle books are designed in such a way that all the information regarding the event which you are conducting is printed properly. A full color high quality ticket is the secret to any sold-out event, from concerts to the arts, carnivals to fairs and charity fundraisers.

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