Why Logo Is Important For Branding of Your Company

                Have you ever noticed that you are able to identify a business by looking at its logo? A Logo is an important part of a company brand. It is through the logo that all companies get recognized.
              “Logo is important to business as face is important to you. Your face reflects your personality whereas a LOGO reflects your Brand Identity”
           The business of all types and sales have to compete in their niche market to succeed. Every business needs marketing strategies to overcome the obstructions created by the rivals. A unique and memorable business logo becomes handy for the business owners to drive customers. A unique LOGO DESIGN is one of the most visible element of a business.
          Need more convincing reasons why LOGO is important?
Let’s dive deeper into the factors why logo is important for business of any types.   

       Brand Identity:

             The #1 reason why logo is important is it gives your business an identity. Logo imprinted on your business cards, products, your website etc. it communicates ownership. It can tell the world or your potential customers who you are and what type of service or products you offer your customers.
             A logo needs to communicate your brand attributes using visual cues such as symbols, colors, shapes, fonts, slogans etc. And it must be applied in a way that they are simple, straight forward and easy to understand.

·         Creates Trust In Your Business:


               When you are starting a new business it may be challenging for you to make your customers to trust you. Before a person tries your product, they assess appearance. A strong brand can inspire someone who doesn’t have any idea about your business, it can help you build credibility and loyalty as time passes. By designing a unique and attractive logo and putting it on your website or any other customer facing materials you can easily convey to people what your business means. 65% of the company owners says that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquiring a new one.

·         Helps Differentiate You From Your Competitors:


            A well-designed logo can have many precise meanings and can begin to tell the story of how you do your business. Remember that customers associate quality of logo design with the quality of your products or services. Remember that a business logo is not just a “fancy picture” but an important element for your business reputation.
Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Designing Logo
     Research Business Needs:


          The first and the most important step is to understand what your client’s business is all about. On a first glance, many business seems to be same but the fact is they are all different in one way or the other for example what they do, how they do will be different for different business. Great logo designer helps people see the great personalities in your company.

·         Colors is Important:

  One of the most important thing to consider while designing logo is the color palette. Color carries meanings and communicates with people. Good color combinations grabs attention. Color theory very is complex, but designers who understand well about the basics are able to use color to their advantage.

·         Avoid Following the Trends:

Often, graphic designers sometimes follow some trendy patterns which has been already used, colors, typefaces and other things to impress their clients and viewers. But this practice should be avoided. The main reason is because design trends last only for a few months or at-least a year or so.

·         Think Different:

Everyone remembers the things that standout, the same is true in case of LOGO’s. The logos which are unique and outstanding will be remembered by everyone. Take the example of McDonald’s logo, it’s a unique logo which will be always remembered by everyone. It is not a clich├ęd logo.


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