Did You Know That Digital Marketing is Missing Something??

       As we all know Digital Marketing is the fastest growing way of marketing, but there is something that smart marketers are obsessed with: PRINT. According to Millward Brown ( An American Multinational market research firm) print ads are much more better than TV and online ads at increasing market of a product and brand favorability. They came to a conclusion like this after effective study on about 100 ads.

           Here are some reasons why print advertising is worthy:

·         Print ads drive higher awareness than recall:
                   A lots of research has been done and came to a conclusion that people recall what they see on paper faster than what they see online.
·         Print increases ad effectiveness across platforms:
                 The combination of both print and online ads will give a boost in recalling your brand by people.
·         Publishers guarantee that print ads generate increased brand sales and positive ROI

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