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Best Photo Restoration Services in New York

St. Albans Digital Printing Photo Restorations are the perfect way to save your damaged and fading photos. We have restored hundreds and hundreds of photographs, and we can repair almost any kind of damage. We can accept them by mail or another carrier if you cannot bring them in yourself. How the process work out? We take your precious memories of photos and slides and scan and convert them to digital files on CD. This will preserve them for years to come as a digital file. In fact we increase their pixel rate so that it enhances the photos & slides to better then new many times. Our collection service processing allows you to print your Photos & Slides to a larger size then the original file. Making the small pictures suitable for framing as prints.​ ​Our Photo slide service includes color correction and repair of tears etc. through the use of computer software. We are experts in Photo repair. We use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Light-room 4, and extremely f