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Advantages of E-Journal Over Traditional Printed Journals

                                           An  E-Journal is a periodic publication which is published over the internet in electronic format. They are digitalized journals which you can read on the web. Considering their up-to-date information and convenience, they are the best research tool.             With an e-journal, you need don't have to go to the Library to read an article. You can save, print or read the journal article from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Advantages of E-Journals: •         A digital e-journal can stay online for years as compared to the printed journal. •         A typical event journal receives 6-12 times more unique viewers than a number of guests present at the event. •         The virtual journal can be turned into a presentation to run on the big screen at events, giving sponsors visibility before, during and after the event. •         You can mail articles or download them for printing. •         H

Why Logo Is Important For Branding of Your Company

                Have you ever noticed that you are able to identify a business by looking at its logo? A Logo is an important part of a company brand. It is through the logo that all companies get recognized.               “Logo is important to business as face is important to you. Your face reflects your personality whereas a LOGO reflects your Brand Identity”                        The business of all types and sales have to compete in their niche market to succeed. Every business needs marketing strategies to overcome the obstructions created by the rivals. A unique and memorable business logo becomes handy for the business owners to drive customers. A unique LOGO DESIGN is one of the most visible element of a business.                        Need more convincing reasons why LOGO is important? Let’s dive deeper into the factors why logo is important for business of any types.             Brand Identity:                                             The #1 rea