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Digital Event Journals in New York

Digital Event Journals or Virtual Ad Journals to be the next big digital fundraising tool accepted  by nonprofits for gala events. Think of the event journal that is created for your event, maybe you call it a Tribute Book. It’s the book that is put together to share the agenda for the event, bios of all the speakers and honorees, information about the host organization and advertisements from the sponsors. Typically the ads are sold at different price points depending on the sponsorship level. Leading sponsors will get a full-page ad in color, while smaller sponsors may purchase a quarter-page ad in black & white. In order for your guests to access the digital journals at your event, we provide tablets which are set up on the tables. Typically, we display 3 tablets per table. We upload the journal onto the tablets, transport the tablets to the event and provide set up and clean up. Now imagine you can have your digital event journal live online, eliminating the