Obituary Booklet Printing in New York

The Obituary Booklet is basically just a printed document which highlights the chief points in the memorial or funeral service. It also sums up the life achievements of the departed. These booklets can be in different designs, layouts and sizes.

When a loved one passes away, it is an extremely trying time. You have lots of things to think of and arrange for. And in all this, to plan a funeral, the service, and the program can be quite a time taking. Similarly, designing the funeral booklet can be expensive and sometimes time intensive too.

St. Albans Digital Printing’s flipping book is an example of a lovely obituary program booklet tells you how to create a booklet for obituary and memorial or celebration of life services.

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 1

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 2

                                                          Sample Obituary Booklet 3

It folds down the middle and thus called a booklet. You could also work with the church or the funeral home to create the material that should come in the booklet. It would be a lovely keepsake in the name of the departed.

When you need low-cost, high quality obituary printing, let us know: we're easy to deal with and you can reach a live person at (718) 528-5100 to help with your obituary booklet printing needs.


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